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And while the presence of each of these in a single place has all the accoutrements of an exciting and unconventional Milwaukee Saturday, the fact that each of these accomplished figures is encapsulated in just one man makes it all the more amazing. Bad Religion front man Greg Graffin will make his triumphant return to town, where he will impart his wisdom, sign his new book and play a show.

The tale of the Southern California punk icon has a unique and altogether unappealing place of origin — Racine.

Here, Graffin spent his first seven years. He later moved to Milwaukee, before ultimately moving to California at age In , at the mere age of 15, he formed Bad Religion.

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The album was a comeback for Bad Religion as well as a watershed for the Southern California punk sound popularized by their label Epitaph Records , which is owned by guitarist Brett Gurewitz. The band has recorded and toured frequently ever since the release of Suffer. Bad Religion is known for its articulate and often politically charged lyrics as well as its musically sophisticated yet fast-paced harmony, melody and counterpoint.

Graffin and Gurewitz are the band's two main songwriters, though Graffin wrote the bulk of the material on his own for a three-album period in the late 's when Gurewitz left the band.

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Graffin recorded a solo album in , called American Lesion , which consisted of softer, more pop-oriented songs. Similar Essays Idolizing Celebrities Essay words - 4 pages using curse words when they get hurt or whenever someone makes them mad. Instead of saying something like ouch, they say the curse word or when someone makes them mad instead of saying whatever or so what, they use a curse word.

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