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Jerome David Salinger in his novel demonstrates the theme of hypocrisy through Holden Caulfield. Through monologue Holden narrates his past deeds and thoughts trying to weave it to his current circumstances which are often contradictory. In comparing his activities and his though and opinion on morality, which never match, we are provoked to conclude that Holden epitomizes hypocrisy. Holden rants continuously about people who are phony although he does not live to what he claims to be.

He allows himself to be subject to circumstances although he claims he gives no much thought to his activities.

Holden seems to be intolerant of people he considers pretentious yet he his himself from the plot is clearly pretentious, he uses Phony words and engages in pretentious conversations. We see that when he goes to see Mr. Spencer before leaving Pency Prep school, they have an obviously phony conversation.

Catcher in the Rye Holden and His Phony Family T

Thereafter in an effort to find pity from Mrs. How do Holdens different opinions of his family compare and do his views constitute enough merit to be deemed truth? Holden makes reference to the word "phony" forty-four separate times throughout the novel Corbett Each time he seems to be referring to the subject of this metaphor as -- someone who discriminates against others, is a hypocrite about something, or has manifestations of conformity Corbett Throughout The Catcher in the Rye, Holden describes and interacts with various members of his family.

The way he talks about or to each gives you some idea of whether he thinks they are "phony" or normal. A few of his accounts make it more obvious than others to discover how he classifies each family member.

From the very first page of the novel, Holden begins to refer to his parents as distant and generalizes both his father and mother frequently throughout his chronicle. Theyre quite touchy about anything like that, especially my father. Holdens father is a lawyer and therefore he considers him "phony" because he views his fathers occupation unswervingly as a parallel of his fathers personality.

For example, when Holden is talking to Phoebe about what he wants to be when he grows up, he cannot answer her question and proceeds to give her his opinion about their fathers occupation.. When Holden describes his mom, he always seems to do so with a sense of compassion yet also with a jeering tone.

Holden makes his mom sound predictable and insincere. These phony qualities are shown in two different examples when Holden is hiding in the closet of D. I heard old Phoebe say. I couldnt sleep. She doesnt enjoy herself much when she goes out. Good night. Go to sleep now. She gets headaches quite frequently. The first two examples are excellent illustrations of how Holden classifies people as phonies. Oh, and also a phony. The question is, does Holden follow his own rules?

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