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I think to myself that my entries always have to be long and involved. And reading this entry just cements that.

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Such a beneficial post. We all have quirks, conflict and most importantly humor.

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I waHoke up some days thinking my blog is a great idea and some thinking I need to change everything. I write about both others famous writers who have been to war , and myself, by peppering into my literary essays commentary about my own experiences as a domestic violence survivor at the hands of an Iraq war veteran. How do they reflect you as a person?

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Be raw about your painful times, but make sure there is always an air of levity to the drama. Make light of your own personal tragedies. Writing about personal life is not easy.

Some things that seem interesting and relevant to one person might be poison to another person. Thanks for this article. Thank you for that piece.

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When I started blogging a few weeks ago, i started of with the intention to write about myself and my thoughts. This piece of information has been helpful to me very much and I will definitely try to bring about the changes from this piece of advice I read today.

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Thanks for the post. My advice is to share writing with posterity sooner than later… perhaps at the earliest sign of interest. Otherwise, it is important to write from the readers eyes. Try to anticipate what questions they will have when your work falls into their hands. Never actually stopped to think about why we write and why we read what others write until this.

Thank you for the tips! I post about my life however I find ways to put a spin to it. A different angle. We collect the best content published with WordPress. Image by Lois Roelofs.

The “Who Cares?” Factor

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If you can get it down honestly on the page, then I think another human will pick it up. You could talk about your commute to work. WS: The anthology gave Sam the opportunity to experience a diverse array of writers, and the wide range of their styles and experiences encouraged him to develop his own voice. SA: I feel like we tend to look past anthologies a little bit, you know, I mean, American culture is so kind of individualistic and star driven and all that.

You just have a better chance of like finding your future best friend. And after I discovered the writers in this book, I started writing personal essays. And the doctor asked me, uh, do you have any other moles this large? So, I had this mole on my crotch that I could not bring myself to confess to having. And I was sure because he had been so adamant that I had to tell him, I was sure.

Picturing the Personal Essay: A Visual Guide

And it became this whole, internal melodrama for probably ten years. WS: You said that the book helped you find your voice. And so, a sense of humor is big there. Thanks to Sam Anderson and Gwyneth Stansfield. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature. But That's Another Story.