Protein synthesis isn't a slow process, either. A protein chain amino acids long can be assembled in 20 seconds!

Reproduction, the genome and gene expression

The keratin made by the hair follicle cells makes long fibers. The cells, growing just under the scalp, eventually die, leaving the keratin behind. This keratin, combined with the keratin left by many other cells, emerge from your scalp as hair. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials.

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Protein Synthesis Animation Video

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One of these resources focuses on the topics of transcription and translation. This resource is an interactive activity that starts with a general overview of the central dogma of molecular biology, and then goes into more specific details about the processes of transcription and translation. In addition to the interactive activity, the resource also includes a background narrative and discussion questions that could be used for assessment.

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Although the material is designated as appropriate content for grades, , it would serve as an excellent introduction to the topic for biology majors, or would be well suited for non-biology majors at the post-secondary level. These animations are useful as a lecture supplement or for students to review on their own.

DNA to Protein | STEM Resource Finder

The DNAi modules," Reading the Code" and "Copying the Code," describe the history of the process, the scientists involved in the discovery, and the basics of the process, and also include an animation and interactive game. The Nature Education website, Scitable, is a great study resource for students who want to learn more about, or are having difficulty understanding, transcription and translation.

The site contains a searchable library, including many "overviews" of transcription, translation, and related topics. Students have access to a Genetics "Study Pack", which provides explanations, animations, and links to other resources.

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In addition, Scitable has an "Ask An Expert" feature that allows students to submit specific genetics-related questions. The Talking Glossary of Genetics Terms website and iPhone app provide an easily transportable and accessible reference for your students.